One day, one familiar guy working at a deli shop told him that  there are many angels in the grave at night. 
Then, he said it must be a ghost. 
But the guy absolutely insisted that it is an angel.

 In the world, there are some people who only see the positive side and other people see only the negative side of the same thing.
Human, our most bothering thing is human relations.

Some lucky people are saying that the most tragic incident in their life is a heartbreak.
Which means they enjoy a very peaceful life.

A girl received a lot of attacks on a daily basis.

Many enemies surrounded her in many working places in an internship, a part-time job, and in the roommates in the house, etc...

There was no relieved place for her for several years.
She became a phobia of human relationship and suffering to survive everyday life.
No one shared her suffering and no one understood her isolation.

Someday, she wishes to say that the most painful happening in life is heartbreak like happy people.

The damage to her mind is very deep and dark without exit.

Is there any solution or medicine that human who hates human?
Her room of the floor was flooded by water on Christmas day.
It was like an attraction at the amusement park.

It’s a small world !
Today, the entire of the town was sleeping.

It was not a quiet, slow and soft atmosphere like a holiday.
It was just that “there was nothing.”
Living with the devil for three years has become a really really painful trauma like a hell.

She didn't notice that she fell into neurosis and melancholy herself.
When she started a new life in an unfamiliar environment without a local language and any friends.
She had over ten times moving within a first few months.
Therefore, when she started living with the devil, she persuaded herself she should endure this cruel roommate and unfair situation.
Every her conduct was under surveillance like Shower time was limited, the kitchen and toilet were not able to be used freely.
Eavesdropping devices are attached, and mad complaints memo posted everywhere every day.  The aberrant letter was often put from under my room door.  
He kept shouting a cruel abuse in front of her room many times even she shut out her room door.
And then her mind was closed completely.
Even though, she was staying at home very quietly and cleanly.

Then, she realized that the guy turns into a problem for everything even …

there are 
some people 
who regard 
their common sense 
everyone's common sense.
She has a trauma for a dog.

When she was a kid, a dog in her neighborhood​​ bit her friend's arm right in front of her. The visual image that the blood blew from his arm still remains in her mind so strongly. Since then, she dislikes dogs. Actually, she is scared of any kind of dogs. It does not matter if small or big dogs. Any kind of dogs scares her.
This is kind of a tragedy though, there are many people who have dogs misunderstand that everyone likes a dog. Although she loves cats, even if someone said: “I hate cats because their eyes look scared”. Somehow, she can understand and accept their meaning, even though she never think so…

However, when she sees the people walking with a dog, they give her the pressure she cannot leave there without saying their dog is “cute”. Furthermore, in this area where she lives, most people walk without wearing leads on dogs. If the owner is stupid, the dog is also stupid. She had been chased by a Doberman several times and was likely to be bitte…